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Top 5 Breast Cancer Campaigns Famous Brands Have Used To Build Sales And Brand Awareness

It’s that time of the month, not ''that'', but October is all about building awareness about Breast Cancer. According to an article posted in 2010 by the breast cancer organization, breast cancer has more than tripled in the past 60 years . However, this has not stopped companies from banking big bucks on the campaigns that have become unanimously known around the world as the pink month.

Here are 5 companies in different industries that have made promises to fight breast cancer and pledge a significant contribution from their campaigns.

Nr. 1 - Bobbi Brown ‘’Proud To Be Pink’’

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is teaming up with The Estée Lauder Companies' Breast Cancer Campaign to support the Breast Cancer Research Fund. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics will donate $24.00 from the purchase of each Proud to Be Pink Lip Color Duo with a maximum donation of $110,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Nr. 2 – Ralph Lauren ‘’Pink Pony Flag’’

The Ralph Lauren ‘’Pink Pony Campaign’’ has been ongoing since year 2000. It all centered on breast cancer, they now donate 25 percent of the sale to a wide range of cancer charities across the globe.

Nr. 3 – Jo Malone ‘’Red Roses Cologne’’

Jo Malone London will be donating £20 for every Red Roses Cologne bought to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, an initiative committed to finding a cure for breast cancer that was founded in 1993.

Nr. 4 – Starbucks ‘’4 Pink Blends’’

Starbucks has created these specially handcrafted pink beverages in Indonesia. The selection are Iced/ Hot Pink Macchiato, Iced/ Hot Raspberry Latte, Pink Blossom Frappuccino and Pink Yogurt Frappuccino. Proceeds from the drinks go to Lovepink Indonesia, a non-profit for breast cancer survivors.

Nr. 5 – Kohberg ‘’Rugbrødsboller Bread’’

Danish bread manufacturing company Kohberg is doing their part to support the cause with this clever marketing display. Kohberg makes a donation to the cause as a part of the revenue generated from the sales of their rye bread rolls (Rugbrødsboller).

Not sure where to begin?

These are just some examples of how marketing and the unique ad campaigns can help your brand build the right awareness and drive great sales while doing it all for a good cause.

Send us an email or give us a call to see to see what your company is missing out. What's your next campaign?

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