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Branding: The importance of developing your brand

Branding and Why Is It Important for Your Business - Focuz Digital Marketing Company Dubai

What does your brand stand for?

A brand is the heart and soul of your company, responsible for influencing consumer perception, driving advocates for your organization and differentiating you from your competitors.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs do not know how to build a brand that attracts people.

After all, building a brand is not just about choosing a logo or coming up with the perfect name. The right brand is the product of various interconnected factors, all designed to change how people think and feel about your business.

A brand is the culmination of everything you use to differentiate your business and get attention from a specific target market. This includes not only visual assets, such as your web design, logo, brand colors and business cards, etc., but also your tone of voice, your company's mission, values ​​and more.

A strong brand is the most powerful marketing tool in the world.

For both individuals and companies, establishing your brand can be the difference between success, mediocrity and failure. If something contributes to how your customers perceive your organization, it's probably part of your brand.

What is your message?

When it comes to building a brand, a solid foundation is paramount. As with everything else you build, it is just as important here.

Therefore, we start by defining the purpose for which you run your business.

Yes, I'm sure you would like to make a profit, but that's not the kind of purpose that will help you establish a brand identity. This must go beyond the products or services you offer.

For example, let's say your company delivers ready-made meals online. What is the purpose of the brand? It's not selling food; it is to provide nourishment and convenience to health-conscious professionals who are too busy to cook on their own.

Once you have dug deep and really defined the purpose of your brand, you can put that purpose into a well-written "mission". The "why" part of a mission description is the most crucial aspect.

This is what will be the most important information for the consumer. This is the differentiating factor that sets your business apart from everyone else out there that does exactly the same thing.

Branding and Why Is It Important for Your Business - Focuz Digital Marketing Company Dubai

Your purpose will ultimately define your brand. It sets the standard for how your team and your employees behave and becomes what your customers expect when they buy from your company.

Identifying your target audience is one of the most important aspects of brand building. If you overlook this, the rest of your branding strategy will suffer. Your business is not for everyone; do not try to make it appeal to every single person on the planet.

Be aware of what the target audience actually cares about, and what they absolutely ignore. This way, you can focus and resources on what will actually generate value for you and your customers.

Branding is part of marketing; do not forget it.

You need to treat your branding strategy like any other marketing campaign. Would you run a Facebook ad or TV commercial without an audience? Absolutely not.

Which company was that again? The yellow or red logo?

Something many people think about when it comes to establishing a brand is the visual - duuh!

It is tangible and understandable, it leaves an impression and is often the first factor that determines whether the customer feels it is worth investing their time and resources.

Establishing your brand's appearance means deciding how to help customers identify your business at a glance.

For example, what type of packaging will you use for your products? How will your customers identify your package when they order goods from your e-commerce store? What will they see when they navigate your site and look for products?

Some of the most important parts of your brand's appearance include:

  • Brand Colors: Your brand colors are a handful of shades that you will apply to all of your brand assets, including your website, emails, and product packaging. Colors can have a psychological impact on customers.

  • Fonts: Just like your brand colors, your chosen fonts can have a huge impact on how your customers see your brand. Sans-serif fonts are often more modern and friendly, while serif fonts are traditional and authoritative. But this can also be turned and turned.

  • Imagery: What kind of images and illustrations do you use on your products, website and ads?

Once you have the various elements you need to build your brand image, create a set of visual guidelines to inform your team and all the designers you work with.

Branding and Why Is It Important for Your Business - Focuz Digital Marketing Company Dubai

Your logo is a fundamental element of your brand. Next to your name, your logo will be one of the first things your customers recognize. An excellent logo should be meaningful and easy to understand. It is also important to define which type of logo is most appropriate and communicates the brand best. An emblem? Word logo? Symbol?

There are many different varieties and combinations of designs for logos. The best way to ensure that your logo has the right impact is to work with a professional designer to capture your visual essence.


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What is it that you actually do?

Next, it is important to implement the brand in the most optimal way.

Companies need to show their brand in everything they do to make them memorable. The easiest way to do this is to start by building a brand guide for your employees and contractors.

Make sure everyone on your team knows what your brand should look and sound like. A brand guide is essential to keep your communication consistent. But mention here that consistency is not the same as static.

A modern brand should be flexible and able to adapt to what is communicated and where it is communicated, without being perceived as inconsistent.

Then think about how you can draw attention to your brand in different channels. For example, your brand should be clear on your:

Marketing campaigns: Your brand should be clearly visible in every marketing campaign, whether you send out newsletters via email or contact customers via podcasts. Make sure that each ad insert shows your brand image and that your tone is consistent.

Being consistent is crucial to developing a strong brand. The more consistent you can be with your brand identity online and offline, the more familiar your company will feel to your audience. Being consistent also helps your brand to appear more stable and reliable.

Social media: Social media is a great tool for creating brand awareness. You can share posts that highlight your personality, post pictures and graphics that represent your brand, and even encourage people to take action that benefits your brand or spreads it even more.

Final Words...

Finally, a strong brand is a must for any business in today's competitive world. Without the right brand, you can not get in touch with your customers on an emotional level.

This means that all customers will abandon your organization as soon as they find another that they can reason or connect more - Nokia, used to connecting people..(haha).

Building your brand identity gives your customers something to really connect with. It's what makes people come back for more, sets you apart from the competition and turns one-off customers into dedicated brand advocates.

Never underestimate the importance of building a brand.

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