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Resort Wear & Fashion Portal To Open Physical Boutique In Dubai

August 4, 2019; Dubai, UAE – Focuz Business Consultancy, a Dubai-based business and marketing consultancy, has officially announced an exclusive partnership with resort wear and fashion portal Focuz will work side-by-side with the online store on a regional level as it opens its first-ever physical store in Dubai.

The fashion portal is well-known for its resort wear which features a variety of clothing options including swimwear, evening dresses and accessories. Initially an e-commerce website, Tutus Kurniati’s new physical presence will offer a unique experience and assortment of brands for customers looking to cover their fashion needs.

Tutus Kurniati’s arrival in Dubai is vital to the growth of the sustainabale and independant fashion brands and designers in the fashion market of the Middle East. The company’s physical store will carry brands that are not sold in the Middle East and are difficult to locate.

The new Tutus Kurniati store will open in Dubai later this year located at Nakheel Mall Palm Jumeirah. For more information on Tutus Kurniati, please visit here.

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