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Meal Plan Restaurant Expands To Second location - Down Town Business Bay

Dubai, UAE – Oct. 17, 2018 – Healthy & Yummy Zone owner, Aymen Ghaleb, announced that the company opened its second branch down town Business Bay on Oct. 1, 2018.

The healthy restaurant and meal plan company will be offering individuals a 20 percent discount until the end of the month, along with weekend promotions.

Healthy eating should be everyone’s goal and HAYZ is making it extraordinarily easy with tasty food that has no restrictions. HAYZ prepares each meal using good carbohydrates, lean proteins and small amounts of healthy fats the body needs. Food doesn’t have to be bland to be healthy and the company adds its own creative blend of herbs to season every dish to perfection.

“We are expanding our branches to be able to cater to the entire UAE by the end of the year,” said owner of Healthy & Yummy Zone, Aymen Ghaleb.

Individuals can enjoy a variety of delicious and elegant dishes encompassing oat omelets, egg white tacos, and spinach omelets. Diners can also select from international selections encompassing salmon and egg sandwiches, hummus benedict, an extensive range of salads, burritos and Asian chicken wraps.

HAYZ has developed unique meal plans for those that are watching their weight and individuals that want to attain greater muscle mass. Each meal plan is scientifically tailored to the needs of the individual and delivered directly to their door. Individual needs vary and HAYZ works with clients to help them determine the meal plan that best suits their requirements.

The company provides delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner menus for weight loss, maintenance and muscle acquisition. Low calorie, low carb and muscle-building meal plans are offered for breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with snacks to maintain optimal energy levels. The expansion of HAYZ to its Business Bay location provides greater access to mouthwatering meals that makes it easy to eat nutritiously and pursue a healthier lifestyle.

Visit to get more information about meal plan options.

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