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Focuz Digital: The Three Marketing Mistakes To Avoid In 2021

Most companies have accepted that whether they provide a service or sell products; they need digital marketing!

Unfortunately, more often than not, this is implemented without proper strategy or knowledge. It’s not uncommon that companies overspend with little or no return on their efforts, or hire a consultant that doesn’t perform or start digital projects that never materialize.

For those companies we have put together a short Santa’s list on what to avoid in the new year:

1. Missing strategy – plan and reap the rewards

We know! You are tired of hearing this word, and you already spent so much time on the business strategy, but trust us, to save money and get results – you are going to want to re-visit this! We recommend that you involve a professional consultant if you are unsure where to get started, some marketing agencies (Like Focuz Digital) offer a free first-time consultation to help you structure the next steps for successful digital marketing. The strategy should be based on your business goals and clearly defined expectations.

2. Missing information – content is king

Don’t forget that your website, social media platforms, blog, and other online pages are the faces of your company and the world will build a perception based on how you present yourself online. Having updated information and relevant content is vital when venturing into the digital world of marketing if the information is faulty or misleading, it can have negative effects on your business growth.

To simplify; your clients need to be able to find, understand and reach you quickly and effortlessly, failing on any of these steps means losing potential clients and revenue – your content can and will be the key to successful customer acquisition.

3. Missing in action – dedicate time

The internet provides us with endless opportunities for exposure. Still, it also comes with a level of responsibility. Suppose you want customers to view and engage with you online. In that case, you need to be available for them, whether that means having updated information or contact details at the ready, or simply responding to queries within a reasonable time.

Consumers today expect availability and have very little patience. If you offer a call back within a day, then the client expects you to call them back that day – make sure you or your team dedicate the time needed to provide the service you offer online, as you would if a client entered your store or meeting room.

Just like many companies who have tried and failed at this, you’ll know that being successful in digital marketing is not as easy as 1,2,3 - but understanding the basics and setting goals will get you a long way – For everything else, there’s FOCUZ Digital!

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