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Dubai Maids Company Brings Hotel-Style Service To Private Residences

April 28, 2019; Dubai, UAE – Mama Lola aims to provide Dubai residence with five-star luxury hotel style cleaning services. The company was created to give clients an unparalleled service that is different to the traditional cleaning companies.

Mama Lola adopted the same principles luxury hotels across the world prescribe to. The company aims to transform a home into a hotel in terms of luxury, cleanliness, and order. The Dubai-based maids company, wasn’t just inspired by five-star luxury hotels, but by classic Mexican cinema maids that usually comes with the lux mansions and homes. The company’s founders want to bring the grand mansion feel with uniformed housemaids to homes in Dubai.

“At Mama Lola, we provide our services to the people who care about the quality and the style of their facilities,” a company spokesperson said. “

About Mama Lola

Mama Lola is one of Dubai’s fastest growing hotel-style, home and commercial cleaning companies. Our dedicated professionals offer an upscale cleaning experience to clients across the city. Mama Lola’s staff works around any specific requests and tailors its services to suit all needs by providing a variety of choices to customers.

For more information on Mama Lola and the cleaning services the company provides visit them today.

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