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3 Ways Small Businesses Can Participate in Dubai Fitness Challenge

Health is the most precious asset that every human can have. Without proper health, our life becomes dreadful. Health is important for businesses as well because healthy employees enable companies to function in their full capacity.

So, the promotion of health through fitness activities is important both for individuals and to run great businesses. According to John Hopkins University, physical inactivity is one of the primary causes of obesity, diabetes, depression, and anxiety.

According to health specialists, a third of all men and half of all women in the UAE do not get enough physical exercise. Therefore, UAE government agencies and companies are coming up with creative ideas to boost the physical activities of the public.

The Dubai Fitness Challenge 30 x 30

One of those initiations started in Dubai with the Dubai Fitness Challenge. The challenge is primarily focused on improving the physical and mental health of individuals by encouraging them to practice at least 30 minutes each day for 30 days. The primary purpose of this challenge is to give wellness and a health-focused mindset for participants.

Here are the 3 ways how small businesses can be part of the Dubai 30x30 fitness challenge.

1. Creating outdoor and indoor exercise spaces for employees.

The Dubai Fitness Challenge is not held in a single space. Participants can exercise anywhere for 30 mins for 30 days. Usually, having a tight schedule may prevent some employees from participating. To remedy this issue, small businesses can step in and facilitate a space for their employees to practice. Creating an outdoor gym or indoor space for yoga are some of the examples.

2. Encouraging employees and the general public to participate.

Small businesses can give incentives for their employees and the general public to join the challenge. For example, giving out points for those who complete the challenge can boost the participation rate and encourage people to exercise daily. The points can later be exchanged for something that will benefit participants.

3. Making material and financial contributions to the Dubai Fitness Challenge.

Funding or contributing to something that will benefit human life can improve the overall reputation of any business. Thus, donating for the cause of wellness and contributing to the Dubai Fitness Challenge can boost the reputation of a small business. At the same time, this action will benefit humanity.

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