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Tutus Kurniati I Fashion Boutique & E-Commerce

An online fashion platform named after the founder, Tutus Kurniati, that offers exclusive, eco-friendly and premium designer clothing with the focus of resort wear, swimwear and dresses. Tutus e-commerce platform and soon to open boutique in Dubai is offering today a wide range of indie designers which are based all over the world. Focuz was brought on as a strategic consultant partner to drive traffic and to analyze the current customer shopping experience on their platform.


  • 3 Email News Letter + 2 Blog Posts

  • +26'000 Leads Generated (3 Months)

  • +700 Collected Names / Email Building Database (Organic)

  • +1'000% Increased Web Traffic

  • Graphic Design (Flyers, Banners etc.)

  • Social Media Engagement Growth +134%


Tutus Kurniati Fashion Brand Dubai United Arab Emirates.png
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